The Cathedral Antiques Show

The Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta is
home to the Cathedral Antiques Show, a
show with 26 dealers, five of whom are
members of the Antiques Council. The Antiques
Council is a professional nonprofit association
with over 80 members in North America and
Europe. It currently manages four antiques
shows, including the Cathedral Antiques Show.
This year’s show was held January 25-27, with
a preview on January 24.
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Posted On Fri April 20th 2018

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Barometer Fair, Sarasota, Florida, offered dozens of vintage American,
English, and French barometers, all in working order, along with other
weather and technical instruments. Barometer prices ranged from $900
for a working wheel (banjo) with no inlay or embellishment or a simple
stick to $6500 for a large dial unit with considerable ornamentation.

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Posted On Fri April 20th 2018

Press About Shows and Antique Barometer Sales in Sarasota, FL

Barometer Fair offers antique barometer sales in Sarasota, FL, and at a number of shows throughout the year. For upcoming information on antique barometer sales and shows, contact us. We'll let you know about upcoming barometer shows.


Posted On Wed January 16th 2019