Rare, late 18th century, Irish wheel barometer with 3 inlaid stars of boxwood and ebony, and a silvered brass 8 inch dial engraved with the usual weather indications, but inscribed horizontally, and with "changeable" at 12 o'clock. The famly name Hunt, of Cork (in south-west Ireland) is well known as makers of scientific instruments from 1792-1812 (father), and 1820-1828 (son), and this barometer would undoubtedly have been made by Hunt senior prior to the end of the 18th century. One of the Hunts evidently worked with Thomas Bennett, also of Cork, who set up in business in 1810; see another wheel barometer (by both makers) m1542.

The case is interesting in having an unusual shape to the top, and no veneer on the sides, which are just dark-stained pine. Irish scientific instruments are much desired, and this barometer is being offered for the first time, from my personal collection