A pale oak stick barometer with angled register plates, and 2 verniers, with the maker's name, R. Bailey, on the left side with his address, 14 Bennett's Hill, Birmingham. just beneath. He was working from 1865-1885 at this address. On the right hand plate are instructions for reading the barometer if it is not mounted at sea level; "Add 1/10 inch for each 100 feet above sea level". This means that if the barometer is at an elevation of, say, 300 feet, and the mercury reads 29.8, then the actual (sea level) pressure would be noted as 30.1.

On the body is an alcohol thermometer on a porcelain plate, calibrated in Centigrade and Fahrenheit, and at the bottom the solid oak cistern cover

Maximum dimensions : 37" x 4"

Date : c. 1870