An extremely early and rare barometer, dating to around 1720-1730, with a beautifully engraved brass register plate. The barometer is French, and is made of what appears to be dark and light walnut, applied in a chevron style over a fruitwood base. The cistern container at the bottom is made from the "bole" of a tree, possibly cherry, with a wonderfully natural wood-grain showing where branches woud have originated; it is a massive, single piece of wood, hollowed out. This barometer has been in my personal collection for many years, and is being offered for sale for the first time.

At the end of the photographs above, there is a further picture and description from the English antique dealer Mallett, from 1999, illustrating a very similar barometer and thermometer, also from France. The pair was then quoted at 48,000 pounds.

Maximum dimensions : 44" x 6"

Date : c.1730