William and Samuel Jones were brothers, and worked together from 1788 till about 1860; William had apprenticed to Benjamin Martin (1704-1782), and also George Adams, so any barometer made by the firm was naturally of excellent quality. This one is a round top stick, with the glass contained by a semi-circular top piece that slides on and off, just like the top pediment of bow front sticks. The scale is engraved, sivered brass, with a vernier operated by an external knob. The glass tube is concealed inside the barometer case, which is mahogany veneered on pine, with a wide band of ebony edge stringing, which continues round the top as well as round the cistern cover. Please note, the mark at 2 o'clock on the top right  of the cistern cover is just a reflection.

A very nice example of a quality stick barometer, made by a first rate London maker.

Maximum dimensions : 37" x 4"

Date : c.1825