A spectacular, large dial , rosewood veneered mercury barometer, with inlays of brass, brass wire, abalone, and mother-of-pearl. The dial is 10" diameter, instead of the more usual 8";  fewer than one in twenty of all wheel barometers were 10" diameter (and one in a hundred for 12" or 6" dials). The case has a detachable bow-front mercury thermometer over the main dial, and a replaced knob beneath the main dial to operate the "set hand";  by setting the set hand (brass)  to the indicating hand (steel), and seeing which way, and how far, the indicating hand moves relative to the set hand, the weather can be predicted.

This barometer was featured in an article Barometer Fair wrote in 2017, and appeared in the New England Antiques Journal of March 2017, under the heading "Choosing a Barometer". It is now offered at a reduced price.

Maximum dimensions : 40" x 12"

Date : 1865