An amazing Austrian barometer dating to around 1800, based on similarities to English barometers c. 1790 to 1805. The case has a round top, and is mahogany veneered on a pale wood, but not English pine. There is a REAL hygrometer at the top which works using a long strand of gut or horse hair hidden in the back of the case with the mercury tube. Beneath that is the original long mercury thermometer with a brass cover to protect the bulb, and under that is the main dial with beautiful script engraving, showing the maker, Franz Demel, of Wien (Vienna). The dial has not been re-silvered since it retains most of its original silvering and still looks attractive, but the blued-steel indicating hand is really interesting, showing a gilded arrow point at one end, and a gilded circle at the other.

It is very hard to find early barometers that are not British or French, particularly wheel barometers; American barometers made before 1840 are very scarce, and even Italian barometers from before 1900 are uncommon....and the barometer was invented in Italy! And most of the early barometer makers in France and England had Italian names!