A dark mahogany nautical, or ship's, barometer, with silvered brass angled register plate, and externally operated vernier. On the body of the case is a brass scale with an alcohol thermometer, and just beneath that is a bone plaque with the maker's name, F. Amadio,  35 Moorgate St., City.  City is London, and Francis Amadio was working on Moorgate Street from 1840 to 1851, at two different addresses, (number 35 from 1842-1851). The brass gimbal, as is frequently the case, is a replacement; when ships arrived at a port, the captain would often remove the barometer from its ship-mounted gimal, and take it to the inn with him, and hang it on his wall to check the weather; there was no need for the gimbal on dry land!

Maximum dimensions : 39" x 2"

Date : c. 1850