A nice example of Admiral Fitzroy's barometer, in pale oak, with all of his weather annotations. The case is of solid oak, with a paper backboard, large bore glass tube with mercury, and twin pointers operated by externally mounted knobs. There is also a round bulb alcohol thermometer. Fitzroy barometers were all made after his death, and this one dates to around 1880. He was responsible for attempting to put the World-Wide Weather on the map, by coordinating weather reports from multiple locations, in REAL TIME (long before the internet!) in London.

He was also, as Captain Fitzroy, in charge of HMS Beagle, on its 4 year voyage of discovery (inluding the Galapagos Islands) with Charles Darwin, from which came "The Origin of the Species". Among other achievements, he was Governor of New Zealand......he ultimately died both insane and a pauper.

Maximum dimensions : 37 x 9"

Date : c. 1880