A Sheraton 3 dial mahogany veneered, mercury wheel barometer. Architectural top pediment with cast brass finial, over long alcohol thermomter, over central hygrometer. Note the small clip holding the hygrometer in place; it is made of cast brass, instead of the more usual (on 5 dial barometers) pressed brass. This is always a sign of quality. The hygrometer itself is nicely engraved, and is slightly deeper than the usual one, to go with the deeper clip.

The 8" diameter main dial is engraved in the early manner, with major divisions in 1/10 and 1/20th inches, and minor divisions in 1/100th inches; it is signed B. Giobbi of Devizes in England (working 1810-1845). Beneath the main dial is the set hand knob (replaced), and under that, a sunburst paterum/inlay. The case itself, of finely figured pale mahogany veneer, is on a carcase of pine (as usual) and has an edge of boxwood and ebony stringing. Altogether a very nice and refined example of a working Sheraton barometer, with the most unusual central hygrometer.

Maximum dimensions : 39" x 10"

Date : c. 1820