This is a "Sheraton 2 dial mercury wheel barometer" of whch I have many. They typically date 1815-1830, and are very similar in design and size, perhaps having conch shell and sunburst paterae, as this one, or variations of this.The prices usually range from around $1000 to $2200 (and occasionally less, and sometimes more!), so please contact me to see what is available.

This particuar barometer has a good clean surface, with all original inlays and edge stringing, and (like all my barometers) is fully working. The mahogany veneer is a warm color, not too light and certainy not too dark, and both dials have been re-silvered; it could have a cast brass finial if desired.The maker is one of the best, Lione & Somalvico, of 125 Holborn Hill, London, and it dates to around 1815 and is priced $1700.

Maximum dimensions :

Date : 1815-1830