This barometer, in spite of having no inlays (or paterae), has an extremely modern and elegant shape, simply because it has no shoulder, the vertical part just below the top pediment.This is a most unusual design, found on only a very few early (around 1790-1810) antique barometers. It starts with an architectural pediment, over long straight grain mahogany veneer, with a long alcohol thermometer and the wonderfully engraved 8" silvered brass main dial, with the maker's name. Note also the word "changeable" at 12 o'clock, indicating a date prior to 1803; the proximity of the brass bezel to the edge of the case, and the fact that there is no edge stringing, which adds to its modern look. The name is Aiano, and beneath that is "fecit", which is latin for "made it".  Charles Aiano was working in London 1790-1820, and made many good quality barometers before moving to Canterbury later.

Maximum dimensions :

Date : c.1800