An early 2 dial mercury wheel barometer of dark mahogany veneer on pine, with a round top, and the word "changeable" at 12 o'clock. Beautiful fan inlays; a long round bulb alcohol thermometer; chequer edge stringing and horizontal veneer to the sides. Notice too, how close the brass bezel is to the edge of the case; another sign of "early".

The 8" main dial is beautifully engraved with the name and address of the maker....what self-promotion! Just needed his email !  J. Testi & Co., No. 45 Great Saffron Hill, London, are not recorded in the books on barometer makers, but J. Testi of 44 Saffron Hill (1790-1810), and Joseph Teste of 45 Saffron Hill (1810-1830), and several other variations of Testi and Teste are shown with similar dates. This barometer dates to pre 1803 because of its general style and the use of "changeable".

Maximum dimensions :

Date : c.1800