The earliest and rarest of antique barometers, by one of the most sought after makers, John Merry Ronketti (1787-1819). He was an Italian immigrant to London and started in business making artifial flowers and feathers, before becoming one of the finest barometer makers; The name Ronketti seemd to cause a lot of confusion for the engravers, and his name appears in several forms....Ronkite, Roncketi, Ronchetti, Roncheti, and Ronkitte, among others! 

This barometer has an unusual top, with 3 fan inlays; chequer edge stringing; the set hand knob placed above the main dial; a wood bezel; and horizontal side veneer. One anomaly is the use of the word "change" at 12 o'clock, instead of "changeable" as one would expect for a barometer this early. 

An opportunity to own one of the very best and earliest antique mercury barometers.

Maximum dimensions :

Date : c.1790