A mahogany veneered 5 dial, 10", wheel barometer with clock and edge stringing. The barometer has a swan neck top pediment centered by a brass finial, over the hygrometer, over the detachable alcohol thermometer. The clock face, hands and bezel are all original, but at some time the mechanism has been removed and replaced by a battery......which obviously keeps perfect time, and never needs winding. The 10 inch main dial is behind the original cast brass bezel, over the set and knb and the spirit level, signed J. Somalvico & Son, 91 Hatton Garden. The Somalvico's were a large family of barometer makers, of whom the early ones made exceptionally good ones; these can be traced to 8 Charles Street; 67 Leather Lane; 125 Holborn Hill; and 81, and 256 Holborn. All of these streets are in London. Hatton Garden subsequently became the diamond district of London.

The barometer has boxwood and ebony edge stringing, and is a nice exampe of a larger size working wheel barometer.

Maximum dimensions :

Date : c.1830