Sold Items
M516 Wheel Barometer M1079 Wheel Barometer M671 Wheel Barometer M700 Wheel Barometer
2 dial Sheraton wheel barometer
signed Joseph Teste, 44 Saffron Hill, London.
Max Dimensions 36 x 10
Date C. 1800
Unusual short wheel barometer
signed Bourbon, Paris.
Max Dimensions 32 x 9
Date C. 1790
4 dial wheel barometer with swan neck top
signed Thomas Bolton, London.
Max Dimensions 39 x 10
Date C. 1835
Two dial wheel barometer with two rosette inlays
Maker's name C. Aiano
Max Dimensions 39 x 10
Date C. 1820
M702 Wheel Barometer M734 Wheel Barometer M758 Wheel Barometer M763 Wheel Barometer
4 dial wheel barometer
Signed Maspoli, Monti & Maspoli, SANDWICH.
Max Dimensions 39 x 10
Date C. 1830
Two dial Sheraton wheel barometer
signed Joseph Riva, Bridport
Max Dimensions 39 x 10
Date C. 1820
Carved oak 2 dial wheel barometer
Max Dimensions 43 x 13
Date C. 1875
French 2 dial gilt wheel barometer
A date of 1783 is legible
Max Dimensions 43 x 11
Date C. 1800
M769 Wheel Barometer M791 Wheel Barometer M792 Wheel Barometer
Exceptional 12 inch dial barometer
signed Agnew of Zanetti, Exchange St., Manchester.
Max Dimensions 48 x 14
Date C. 1830
Sheraton two dial Irish wheel barometers
Max Dimensions 38 x 10
Date C. 1805
Scottish four dial swan neck wheel barometer
maker's name C. Riva of Glasgow.
Max Dimensions 39 x 10½
Date C. 1840
M181 Stick Barometer M357 Stick Barometer M414 Stick Barometer M679 Stick Barometer
Light oak stick barometer
signed J. Hicks, 8,9 & 10 Hatton Gardens, London, Eng.
Max Dimensions 36½ x 4
Date C. 1900
Traditional English door stick barometer
signed J. CETTI & Co., WARRANTED
Max Dimensions 39 x 5
Date C. 1815
Mahogany door stick barometer
signed A. Marinone & Co. Warranted
Max Dimensions 39 x 5
Date C. 1810
Marine barometer with sympiesometer.
Made by Gray & Keen of Liverpool
Max Dimensions 38 x 5
Date C. 1850
M704 Stick Barometer M718 Stick Barometer M773 Stick Barometer M803 Stick Barometer
Walnut stick barometer with arched top
Signed Edward Bevan of Birkenhead (Cheshire, Northern England)
Max Dimensions 38 x 4½
Date C. 1865-1878
Dark oak European stick barometer
possiblely Flemish or Dutch (zeer droog = very dry, Veranderlijk = Changeable)
Max Dimensions 38 x 3½
Date C. 1900
Oak stick barometer with cushion top
Made by Baird of Glasgow (Scotland)
Max Dimensions 37" x 4"
Date C. 1880
Bow-front stick barometer
by the noted London maker west of 41 Strand.
Max Dimensions 40 x 5
Date C. 1840
M1083 Stick Barometer M1119 Stick Barometer
Stick barometer with architectural pediment
signed Willson, 125 High Holborn, London
Max Dimensions 39 x 5
Date C. 1815
A fine example of Admiral Fitzroy's barometer
Original mercury thermometer, with conical bulb, on ivory scale
Max Dimensions 48 x 10
Date C. 1870