M877 Banjo Barometer

Beautiful satinwood cased barometer with cross banding to the case, and original period clock by William Terry of London, number 292. (He was working as a clock and watch maker in Masham, just outside London, and lived from 1770 - 1840.) Hygrometer with cast brass clip, over short alcohol thermometer, over the enamel dialled 8 day fusee clock, over the 10 inch silvered brass dial, over the spirit level, signed J. Somalvico, Leather Lane, Holborn, London.

Satinwood was used infrequently in English furniture, and always as a statement. To find satinwood, with cross-banding, and a period fusee clock, is really quite rare. This is an opportunity to own a barometer quite different from any other.

Maximum Dimensions 44 x 12
Date C. 1825
Price $6500.00

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