M745 Banjo Barometer

A straight grain, pale mahogany 2 dial wheel barometer with boxwood stringing and cross banding to the edge of the case, and horizontal veneer on the sides. It also has a most unusual top pediment which appears to be original. It is rare to find an 8 inch dial barometer with cross-banding, and the bezel is extremely close to the edge of the case. It appears that this might have been a special order, perhaps to compliment a clock.

There is a long alcohol thermometer, over the 8″ silvered brass dial - which, curiously, is signed F Salteri, Nottingham. The firm of Salter dealt in scales and other instrument, but to sell barometers in the 1800s, one needed an Italian-sounding name. Hence Salteri!

Maximum Dimensions 39 x 10
Date C. 1820
Price $3400.00

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