M1115 Banjo Barometer

An excellent example of an early Sheraton barometer exhibiting many of the features that define a c. 1800 wheel barometer.

Architectural pediment with original cast brass finial over a band of inlay; very short shoulder; unique rosette and bell flower inlays; chequer stringing to the edge of the case and horizontal veneer to the sides.

The cast brass bezel is also very close to the edge of the case, and the main dial (signed Manticha & Co. Fecit - working 1790-1810 in London) has the word 'changeable' at 12 o′clock instead of 'change' which came in to use in about 1805.

This is a really fine example of a very early Sheraton barometer, exhibiting many of the traits not found on the more standard Sheraton wheel barometers c. 1815.

Maximum Dimensions 38 1/2 x 9
Date C. 1800
Price $3400.00

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