M1096 Banjo Barometer

Excellent example of quite a common design - the 5 dial with boxwood and ebony stringing. Swan neck pediment; hygrometer; short thermometer; convex mirror in ebonised wood surround; 8″ silvered brass dial; set-hand knob; spirit level - signed Ciceri & Pini, Edinburgh (Scotland). These frequently have base wood (pine) shrinkage problems showing as splits or blisters in the mahogany (or rosewood) veneer. This one is perfect!

I always have 5 dial wheel barometers in stock of varying quality - with/without boxwood and ebony stringing; mahogony or rosewood; round bottoms or square bottoms; swan neck top pediments or onion tops. Please call or email for other pictures. Prices range from $1100 to $2200.

Maximum Dimensions 38 1/2 x 10
Date C. 1835
Price $2150.00

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