M1087 Banjo Barometer

A good example of a quality transition piece, bridging the gap between Sheraton (1810-1820) and Georgian (1825-1835). A four dial mahogany barometer with architectural pediment over hygrometer (note the cast brass clip*); over long alcohol thermometer with a round bulb*. The 8 inch silvered brass dial is signed Somalvico, Lione & Co., 125 Holborn Hill, London (one of the best makers*); over original bone knob, over spirit level. The case with short shoulder*; triple* edge stringing; 2 conch shell paterae; and the cast brass bezel close to the edge of the case*.

This is a really fine barometer with well figured mahogony. There are several things about this particular instrument that are signs of quality - see all of the asterisks.

Maximum Dimensions 39 x 10
Date C. 1825
Price $2950.00

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