M1052 Banjo Barometer

Sheraton 2 dial barometer of dark mahogany, with architectural pediment over a band of houndstooth inlay, and with 2 conchshell and 2 sunburst paterae. Both the thermometer scale and the main 8" dial are shiny silvered, and the 8" one has a screwed on plate with the name Jas. Foxton on it, presumably the son since the name it is covering is Thomas Foxton. The case has wide boxwood and ebony stringing; a short shoulder at the top, and horizontal veneer on the sides, all denoting an early date of manufacture.

There is always a selection of 2 dial Sheraton barometers in stock, with architectural pediment, long thermometer, 8 inch dial, stringing and paternae. Please call or email for other pictures. Prices range from $1800 to $3500.

Maximum Dimensions 38 1/2 x 10
Date C. 1810
Price $2100.00

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