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Baros Books, the publisher of many excellent reference books on barometers, is now represented by Barometer Fair in Florida. Below are books on barometers - stick, wheel, aneroid and bizarre - as well as books on their makers and how to restore them. All these books are in stock and can be ordered by sending an email with your name, address, phone number, and desired books. Barometer Fair will contact you to arrange payment details.

Antique Barometers: An Illustrated Survey Edwin Banfield
The best introductory guide to stick, wheel, and aneroid barometers and barographs. General information. Many pictures.
Paperback 9x6 inches 128 pages 118 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-04-x $13.90
Barometers: Wheel or Banjo Edwin Banfield
Traces the history and development of wheel barometers from 1663 to the twentieth century. Discusses pediment styles, different woods, inlays, etc.
Hardback 9x6 inches 160 pages 165 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-01-5 $23.90
Barometers: Stick or Cistern Tube Edwin Banfield
The author charts the history of domestic, marine, station, Fitzroy, angle, double-angle, and two-liquid barometers. A thoroughly comprehensive look at the most desirable stick barometers.
Hardback 9x6 inches 256 pages 296 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-00-7 $29.90
Barometers: Aneroid and Barographs Edwin Banfield
From their invention in 1844, the author traces the history of domestic, marine and mountain aneroid barometers, also barographs, storm glasses and weather houses.
Hardback 9x6 inches 160 pages 130 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-02-3 $23.90
Care and Restoration of Barometers Philip Collins
The author describes in detail how to restore wheel, stick and aneroid barometers and barographs. He also gives advice on how they should be handled and maintained.
Paperback 9x6 inches 128 pages 175 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-05-8 $13.90
Barometer Makers and Retailers 1660-1900 Edwin Banfield
An alphabetical list of more than 4000 makers and retailers who were active in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Information includes maker's working or estimated working dates, the business addresses, where known, and other items.
Paperback 9x6 inches 256 pages 28 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-06-6 $19.90
Aneroid Barometers and their Restoration Philip Collins
An in-depth study of domestic, marine and travel barometers describing their restoration in detail. It examines their mechanisms, and shows how these can help to date them from the earliest introduction in 1844.
Hardback 9x6 inches 232 pages 306 illus. incl. 17 color
ISBN 0-948382-11-2 $37.90
The Banfield Family Collection of Barometers Edwin Banfield
An illustrated guide to the Collection of 280 stick, wheel and aneroid barometers and barographs made between 1680 and the present day. The book includes an introduction to the Collection and a short description of each instrument, including the estimated date of manufacture.
Paperback 9x6 inches 160 pages 313 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-10-4 $13.90
The Italian Influence on English Barometers from 1780 Edwin Banfield
The author traces the origins and background of the early Italian migrant barometer makers. He discusses the Italian influence on style and design of wheel, stick and aneroid barometers and explains how they flourished.
Paperback 9x6 inches 160 pages 200 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-07-4 $13.90
The History of the Barometer W.E. Knowles Middleton
First published in 1964, it is the acknowledged authority on the subject of barometers and is the first and only complete world history of the mercury, aneroid and all other barometers, including barographs.
Hardback 9x6 inches 512 pages 197 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-08-2 $49.90
A Treatise on Meteorological Instruments Negretti & Zambra
First published in 1864, the authors describe the method of construction and the scientific principles of barometers, thermometers, hygrometers, rain gauges, anemometers, electrometers, ozonometers and other meteorological instruments.
Paperback 9x6 inches 176 pages 98 illus. 19 tables
ISBN 0-948382-09-0 $15.90
Barographs Phillip R. Collins
Using a wide selection of illustrations, the author traces the development of the barograph from the earliest recording devices to the typical instrument of today. This book is an invaluable reference guide which also gives practical advice on general maintenance.
Paperback 9x6 inches 160 pages 137 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-12-0 $19.90
Bizarre Barometers and Other Unusual Weather Forecasters Phillip R. Collins
The author traces strange weather instruments from early weather glasses to the novelty barometers of the Victorian era and modem times. Among the weird weather predictors uncovered are some of nature's barometers - sharks, frogs, leeches - as well as an array of intriguing man-made inventions from storm glasses to weather houses.
Paperback 9x6 inches 112 pages 100 illus.
ISBN 0-948382-13-9 $15.90